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Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion plays a crucial role in reducing poverty and achieving social development for the most marginalized communities – how well are you measuring your company or portfolio impact?
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Offering a simple answer to a
complicated question: “what does social impact mean for financial service
MFI Index


From due diligence on fintech solutions across the globe, to benchmarks and comparable insights on impact
Fintech Insights

CDFI Impact Performance

Hear from CDFI borrowers to map the experience and impact of receiving a loan. Gain new insights on customer outcomes and challenges.
CDFI Impact

Impact Due Diligence

Pre-investment impact measurement made simple, fast and affordable – get trustworthy and comparable social performance data across your portfolio.
Due Diligence

Sector Highlights

“60dB impact data has empowered us to share impactful insights with shareholders, enabling a more informed evaluation of our model and keeping us at the forefront of innovation.”

Linh Luc, Senior Marketing Manager
Vui App

“When a third party like 60 Decibels calls, we get a sharper understanding of the extent to which our loans improve the lives of our borrowers. Getting closer to the truth by removing potential positive bias from internal surveying is key to understanding impact.”

Eli Cherner, Director
Kiva US

“The results have given us a deep dive on understanding our customers, the report has also enabled us to improve our service delivery and constantly check on the impact we are creating on the lives of our customers.”

Robert Kiprotich, Marketing & Partnerships
Juhudi Kilimo

“The outcome of the research is very useful for business decision making. The report is tailored for each product we offer so it is easy to know where to improve and the report is also very concise and easy to understand.”

Patrick Kyei, Head of Marketing & BD
Opportunity International Savings and Loans
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Insights from three top-performing financial service providers

60 Decibels' Microfinance Index Top Impact Awards are a recognition of top performance in delivering financial services and making a positive impact on the lives of their clients, relative to their peers. We asked 3 of our 2023 awardees to share insights into how their business operations have contributed to achieving top scores across multiple indicators – here's what they had to say!
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We help you understand your social performance by listening to your customers, suppliers, employees, or beneficiaries.
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