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Quality Jobs and Workforce Development

Worker-focused survey products, ready to use with accompanying performance benchmarks.
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Core Quality Jobs Assessment

Measure the quality of jobs that you, your portfolio company, or your supply chain is offering to factory workers, gig workers, informal workers, formal employees or others.
Quality Jobs Assessment

Workforce Development Insights

Understand the experience and career outcomes of your workforce development programs, and drive improvement for greater impact.
Workforce Development Insights

Worker-Focused Custom Surveys

Tell us what you want to learn about your jobholders or students, and we’ll develop an approach to get data quickly and hassle-free.
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Sector Highlights

“Previously I didn’t have any skills. Now I have become a skilled worker and I have been promoted to an operator [level] from helper. So [my community’s] perspective towards my job has improved.”

Female, 19

“Being a competitive lady carpenter, among so many men who get gigs easily through the app, gives me confidence… I feel like I stand out in my own unique way as a woman in this field.”

Female, 29

“After their trainings, I now know my rights as a painter. Those days are gone when we would get underpaid. My painting skills have improved. I use better equipment which helps reduce accidents and spilling of paint, thus cuts down my costs.”

Man, 45

“Being one of the few women in the field gives me the assurance that I am tough and competent. Even though I recently started this job, I have grown to love it so much. I wouldn’t change it for anything. ”

Woman, 40

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We help you understand your social performance by listening to your customers, suppliers, employees, or beneficiaries.
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