Primark and 60dB Supply Chain Collaboration

60dB spoke with over 600 workers who completed the Sudokkho Programme, one of Primark's flagship impact projects


Average NPS of the Sudokkho Programme


of workers saw an improvement to their quality of life


of workers saw an increase in income

Measuring Social Impact in Bangladesh

The Sudokkho Porgramme helps factories establish an effective in-house technical training system for workers. Sudokkho was launched in 2015 with funding that included the UK and Swiss governments. When this funding ended in 2020, Primark continued to finance and support the garment factory component of this program in its supply chain.

The Primark team worked with 60dB to develop a questionnaire to understand the impact of the program on participating workers. This was conducted by 60dB through phone conversations in the local language and the interim insights are positive.

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Looking forward, Primark will work with Sudokkho partners and stakeholders to apply learnings from this assessment in order to drive continuous improvement in the programme’s impact. Primark is also strengthening its approach to social impact measurement through working with experts like 60dB

– Primark Report

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