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I feel
I have
moved a step ahead
in life.
I was
of living
in darkness.
I used to have
a lot of stress
when approaching
planting season.
We now
spend more
time together.
This is healthy for the family.

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Our latest initiative: 60 Decibels Microfinance Index

We've published a report and online public dashboard that will show the comparative social performance of over 70 microfinance organizations, powered by 17,956 customer voices.

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Listening in the time of COVID-19

This is an unprecedented time with people facing the dual shock of a global pandemic and economic shutdown. To understand the impact of COVID-19, we are speaking to those most likely to be affected - low income customers, in both the developing and developed world - to track the impact of this crisis over time and equip those looking to respond.

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There is a human voice behind every data point.

60 Decibels is an end-to-end impact measurement company. We make it easy to listen to the people who matter most.

Using our Lean Data approach we speak directly to customers, employees or beneficiaries, returning high-quality data in weeks to help you maximise your impact and grow your business.

What if...

...you could collect and analyse high-value customer and sector-specific impact data anywhere in the world - more rapidly than ever?

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What if your organization had...

...transformative insights and benchmarked impact performance to radically improve your products and portfolio performance — at speed and scale?

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What would it mean for the world if...

...by listening to those who matter most, we could direct the power of capital and entrepreneurship toward the greatest good?

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Why off-grid energy matters

to meet you!
have a
lovely day
ਤੁਹਾਡਾ ਧੰਨਵਾਦ

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