60dB Impact Due Diligence, Explained

We're excited to share our 60dB Due Diligence solution – built to make pre-investment impact measurement simple, fast and affordable.

Having worked hand-in-hand for many years with hundreds of impact investors around the world (not to mention our humble beginnings as a spin out project from Acumen), we’re all too familiar with how challenging it can be for impact investors to attain trustworthy and comparable social performance data across a portfolio, while constrained by limited time and resources.

In response, we’re excited to share our 60dB Due Diligence solution – built to make pre-investment impact measurement simple, fast and affordable.

Common pain points we’ve seen impact investors face

  • A lack of benchmarks to assess impact performance in a competitive market
  • Ability to compare alignment of investee’s impact against a fund’s impact thesis
  • Limited time and budget to conduct due diligence
  • Difficulty in sourcing trustworthy and comparable impact data to make an informed decision before investing in social businesses 
  • A need for tailored metrics and a customized approach adapted to specific organizational needs

The 60dB solution

  • Access to benchmarked impact data directly from customers, anywhere in the world, that’s comparable across your portfolio
  • An end-to-end impact diligence product, at a price that works, with results in a matter of weeks
  • Get answers before you invest on customer profile, product-market fit, risks, and more
  • A due diligence score including performance against standard industry metrics (+ two metrics chosen by you)

Better customer data at a portfolio level will allow investors to improve company success and make investment decisions in favor of the highest impact companies.

How we do it

60 Decibels exists at the nexus of customer intelligence and social impact. Out network spans more than 80 countries.

We combine deep impact measurement expertise, an integrated technology backbone, and a global network of 1,200+ Research Assistants to make it easy to collect consumer-level insight and impact performance data.

Our 15-minute, standardized surveys, deployed in local languages, get you benchmarked social performance data, anywhere.

What we take care of:

  • Survey design + translation
  • Notifying your clients before calling to maximize trust
  • Conducting 100+ phone interviews per investee company
  • Data analysis to calculate your investees’ impact score 
  • Delivery of your benchmarked results

60dB Data Pre-investment presents a unique opportunity

  • Establish benchmarks and identify outperformers
  • Create baseline performance data
  • Increased confidence in capital allocation decisions
  • Demonstrate value-add to investee from Day 1
  • Robust, benchmarked customer data back in 4-6 weeks
  • Identify areas of risk to be managed

What you get

A detailed two-pager that is easily insertable in an investment memo that includes a detail performance table; aggregate results provide an accurate portfolio level impact picture. Custom Dashboards are also available on request.

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