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Clean Cooking Alliance Venture Catalyst Lean Data Report

Insights based on data 60 Decibels collected from 4,812 customers across 9 countries between November 2021 and April 2023.

The Clean Cooking Alliance Venture Catalyst’s Lean Data Insights Aggregate Report was updated in 2023 and includes anonymized data from 18 companies in the CCA Venture Catalyst portfolio. The report ranks their performance across key customer service dimensions including quality of life improvements, ease of use, health and safety impacts, Net Promoter Score, changes in fuel spending and more.

Data from the report was collected from 4,812 customers between November 2021 and April 2023. 


did not have access to a clean cooking product or service before


say their CCA portfolio company is their primary cooking product now


could not find a good alternative to their product or service

Top insights from the report

  1. Companies are providing products or services that most customers did not have access to before. 

86% of customers did not have access to a clean cooking product or service before accessing the product or service through CCA portfolio companies, in particular customers in rural areas.

2. Companies have contributed to improved quality of life, improved safety and health, and reduced fuel spending and cooking time for customers.

Impact performance is strong across all key areas, in particular quality of life and cooking time. 76% of customers say their CCA portfolio company product is their primary product for cooking now.

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3. The average portfolio Net Promoter Score of 40 is good. Customer service and issue resolution are key.

Despite scoring lower on impact performance and having higher challenge rates, the NPS for Asian companies is higher than African companies.

4. Around 1 in 3 customers live below the $3.20 per day poverty line. There is room to reach more low-income customers.  

The portfolio’s Inclusivity Ratio of 0.57 is on par with the 60dB Cooking Benchmark of 0.52 but below the 60dB Energy Benchmark of 0.80.

5. Companies are filling a critical market gap, particularly among African customers, women, and those in rural areas.

71% of customers could not easily find a good alternative to their product or service.

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