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Farmers are key to global supply chain resilience - how well are you measuring your company or portfolio impact? Position yourself for growth with impact measurement designed for the agriculture sector.
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Find out more about your farmers: who they are, impact experienced, challenges faced, and more.
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Farmer Thriving Index

A dynamic index, built across four themes, to understand whether farmers are thriving or merely surviving.
Farmer Thriving Index


Demonstrate how your organization is impacting household resilience – in a way easily communicated to investors.
Climate Resilience Assessment


Tell us what you want to learn, and we’ll develop an approach to get data quickly and hassle-free.
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“This is the most insightful report we have done with smallholders, period.”

David Ellis, CEO, EthioChicken
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Farmer Benchmarks

Comparable performance data from listening to over 18,000 farmers across 19 countries.
Farmer Benchmarks

Digital Agriculture Solutions

Data dashboards, case studies, and methodologies.
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We help you understand your social performance by listening to your customers, suppliers, employees, or beneficiaries.
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