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Farmer Thriving Index

A dynamic index to understand whether farmers are thriving or merely surviving. The index is built across five themes: living incomes, financial resilience, trading relationships, farmer sustainability, and food security.
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Product Features


Assess and unpack farmer wellbeing

Understand wellbeing, directly from farmers, across five themes: living incomes, financial resilience, trading relationships, farming sustainability, and food security.


Benchmark against a wider population of farmers in your supply chain and sourcing regions to disaggregate performance and pinpoint risk.

Categorize farmer wellbeing

Understand where your farmers sit across five categories: in crisis, struggling, surviving, thriving or excelling.

Talk to us about Farmer Thriving Index if:

  • You’re looking to understand the wellbeing of farmers or the underlying social risk within your supply chain
  • You sell a product or service to farmers and want to measure its impact
  • You have programs of support for farmers and hope to learn whether, if, how and why they are working

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We help you understand your social performance by listening to your customers, suppliers, employees or beneficiaries.
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