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60 Decibels Farmer Benchmarks

Looking for interactive data from 18,000 farmers right at your fingertips? We're excited to launch our Farmer Benchmarks! In the last three years, we've interviewed farmers in 19 countries across 93 Lean Data projects.

How we built the 60dB Farmer Benchmarks

The 60 Decibels Farmer Benchmarks are the result of interviewing 18,000 farmers in 19 countries, through our work delivering 93 Lean Data projects. By asking the same questions across multiple projects, we are able to develop benchmarks.

Our Farmer Benchmarks include companies and organizations providing farming inputs, training and advisory, agricultural technologies, credit, insurance, or market access solutions to farmers, and data from the past 3 years.. We’ll keep this page updated quarterly so you can always find the latest sector trends here.

These benchmarks are the median performance of all our projects with farmers. Going a step further, quintiles give insight into the range of performance. We can turn this into actionable recommendations by identifying what practices, business models, and more, the highest-performing companies employ.

The 60dB Farmer Benchmarks

60dB Benchmark Quintiles

Benchmarking is not just about hitting the average – the goal is to become a top performer. To make ‘impact performance’ as tangible as possible, we include the range of impact performance for each benchmark. This provides transparency about the variability of impact performance for each metric, allowing companies and funds to track their impact over time.

The Charts

We’ve analysed the data in different ways so you can find a view that best suits your needs. You can filter by sub-sector, explore who is in the Benchmark, and hover over elements of the charts – we’ve put indicator definitions, minimum and maximum values, quintile values, and other information there for you too. Have a go and let us know what you think!

The Overview tab provides farmer profile benchmarks and experience with climate shocks. The climate benchmarks are new additions and currently cannot be filtered by region. 60 Decibels has recently launched a new Climate Resilience Assessment tool which will soon be incorporated into our benchmarks. Learn more here.

The Benchmarks tab provides the benchmark for each 60dB agricultural impact metric.

The By ServiceBy Gender, and By Region tabs provide visualizations for each impact metric, segmented by categories of interest.

You’re able to explore the full benchmark data across gender, region, and type of service – if you have any questions for us about the findings, get in touch here.

For more resources from our impact measurement work within Agriculture, see here – or check out some different ways to work with us below.

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