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Bayer’s Collaborative Initiatives: Improving Smallholder Farmers’ Livelihoods

Dive into four parts of Bayer's mission to reach smallholder farmers.

Bayer, a global leader in agriculture, is committed to enhancing smallholder livelihoods worldwide. Through collaborative initiatives with 60 Decibels, Bayer has worked to assess and improve the impact of these programs. This partnership aims to better understand the challenges faced by agriculture communities around the world and identify opportunities for social enterprises to better improve smallholder farmers’ livelihoods.

Ansal Tomato Variety in Kenya

In Kenya, a study conducted by 60 Decibels with a sample group of 418 smallholder farmers growing Ansal tomatoes, a Bayer seed variety, showcased significant positive outcomes. Around 83% of farmers perceived the value of Ansal tomatoes as ‘good’ to ‘very good,’ with improved production, good seed quality, and resistance to pests and diseases being the top value drivers. Farmers expressed appreciation for higher yields, lower loss rates, and longer shelf life. Overall, 86% reported increased crop production, 91% experienced increased income, and 89% stated that their quality of life had improved through higher incomes, the ability to afford expenses, and asset acquisition.

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Better Life Farming Program in India

In Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand, India, the impact study conducted by 60 Decibels with 684 vegetable smallholder farmers involved in the Better Life Farming (BLF) program revealed encouraging results. Approximately 81% of farmers affirmed that BLF prioritizes their interests. Staff outreach and field demonstrations were key motivating factors for joining the program. The availability of quality inputs, access to training, new information, and improved crop yield and quality instilled confidence among farmers to invest in agriculture. Overall, 78% reported increased crop production, 72% experienced increased income, and 71% stated that their quality of life had improved through higher incomes, the ability to afford expenses, and improved farm maintenance.

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DKsilos Program in Mexico & Honduras

In Mexico and Honduras, a study conducted by 60 Decibels with 400 small-scale cattle ranchers participating in the DKsilos program showcased significant impact. DKsilos successfully encouraged silage preparation, resulting in cost savings for the ranchers. Around 82% of ranchers witnessed improved cattle health, primarily manifested in enhanced cattle weight and milk quality/production. Satisfying experiences were driven by the quality of inputs and technical support, including consistent and frequent advice from knowledgeable and reliable advisors. Overall, 69% reported increased livestock production, 68% experienced increased income, and 67% stated that their quality of life had improved through higher incomes, greater corn yields, and healthier livestock.

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GeoPotato Program in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the GeoPotato program was developed to support small-scale potato farmers by providing geodata-driven early warning systems for late-blight disease. A study conducted by 60 Decibels with 275 small-scale potato farmers demonstrated the uniqueness and effectiveness of this program. Approximately 90% of surveyed farmers considered the alert messages trustworthy, as they struggled to find good alternatives in the market. GeoPotato also contributed to farmers’ resilience and recovery from climate shocks such as flooding and irregular weather patterns. Overall, 86% reported increased crop production, 83% experienced increased income, and 82% stated that their quality of life had improved through higher incomes, greater potato yields, and improved disease prevention and management.

GeoPotato’s survey results

Smallholder Farmers’ Livelihoods are Improving

The collaboration between Bayer and 60 Decibels has resulted in impactful initiatives that empower smallholder farmers and enhance their livelihoods. The Ansal Tomato Variety in Kenya, Better Life Farming Program in India, DKsilos Program in Mexico/Honduras, and GeoPotato Program in Bangladesh have all shown positive outcomes, including increased crop production, improved incomes, and better quality of life. Bayer remains committed to driving sustainable change and working alongside smallholder farmers to create a more resilient and prosperous agricultural community.

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