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60 Decibels Impact Performance Benchmarks

Learn about 60 Decibels' impact perfomance benchmarks across off-grid energy, agriculture, education, and financial inclusion.

In 2020, we released a bulletin introducing the 60dB Impact Performance Benchmarks across 4 different sectors, drawing from data collected through December 2020. The sectors investigated were Off-grid energy, Agriculture, Education, and Financial Inclusion.

In 2024, we’re releasing an updated set of benchmarks, reaching more than three times the countries and more than doubling the number of survey respondents. Please note that we only include data up to three years old in these benchmarks, keeping the sector metrics reflective of the current state of impact measurement.

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Asking the same questions over and over isn’t boring, it creates benchmarks! Aggregating data from tens of thousands of customer surveys, our benchmarks document impact performance across sectors to understand and fuel performance.







The bulletin includes key cross-sector comparisons of relative performance, based on 4 key metrics: Who is Reached, How Impactful, Contribution and Impact Risk. It also includes more detailed breakdowns of core outcome metrics in each sector.

To learn more about our key outcome metrics in Off-grid energy, Agriculture, Education, and Financial Inclusion, click below to read the bulletin. You can also check out our sector-specific pages here.

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