Fundis Impact Measurement Report

Explore the full impact performance report on the artisans working with jobtech platform, Fundis, detailing user backgrounds, satisfaction levels, suggestions for improvement, and more.

Technology in the job market has become a driving force, revolutionizing how we work and tackle challenges like climate change, poverty, and inequality. Jobtechs show commitment to harnessing technology for greater access to quality work and economic empowerment.

Enter Fundis, a jobtech, web and mobile-based digital platform in Kenya. Through the Fundis app, skilled artisans are seamlessly connected with customers for job opportunities, unlocking meaningful impact in the employment sphere.

Our study with Fundis provides an in-depth understanding of artisans who work with Fundis, their profiles, the outcomes they experience, how satisfied they are, and how you can improve your impact and business performance. The insights are based on phone interviews with 66 artisans who have completed at least one job through the Fundis platform.


report increased income


report improved confidence


strongly agree that they are treated with respect at work

“Being one of the few women in the field gives me the assurance that I am tough and competent. The fact that they qualified me to be one of their artisans means they have approved of my work. Even though I recently started this job, I have grown to love it so much. I wouldn’t change it for anything. ”

Woman, 40

“In freelancing, there are times when we have no jobs. Fundis comes in handy during the low season of our job. They give artisans a lot of exposure not just with clients but also with experts from other fields. Here, we get to develop and work with each other.”

Man, 25

“After their trainings, I now know my rights as a painter. Those days are gone when we would get underpaid. My painting skills have improved. I use better equipment which helps reduce accidents and spilling of paint, thus cuts down on my costs.”

Man, 45

“Being a competitive lady carpenter, among so many men who get gigs easily through the app, gives me confidence especially when I receive good ratings for my work. I feel like I stand out in my own unique way as a woman in this field.”

Woman, 29

“Fundis offers insurance and protective gear to ensure our safety in the field. They also source jobs where we are paid immediately by the client after job completion. ”

Man, 37

Key insights

Fundis has a direct positive impact on artisans’ income and quality of life.

Over 8 in 10 artisans report income increases because of working with Fundis. 8 in 10 artisans report quality of life improvements. Top improvements include a greater ability to afford household expenses and increased income levels. Income impact appears to directly translate into quality of life improvements, enabling artisans to support their households better.

Impact and experience vary for those who solely work with Fundis and those who also do other work

A higher proportion of artisans who only work with Fundis report significant improvements in their quality of life than those who also do other work (57% vs. 28%) Similarly, a higher proportion of those who only work with Fundis report increased confidence and sense of personal accomplishment (86% vs. 48%).

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Fundis Impact Report
Learning relevant professional skills enables employees to approach work with greater confidence.

9 in 10 artisans report that their way of doing work has improved because of the Fundis training. Top reported outcomes include improved productivity (52%), communication (32%), knowledge about hard skills (28%), and confidence (23%). 8 in 10 who ‘strongly agree’ to learning relevant professional skills also report significant increases in their confidence.

Artisans want to secure more work with Fundis.

While 6 in 10 artisans find their work hours to be reasonable, 4 in 10 find them too short. All artisans who report working 60+ hours a month to find their work hours reasonable, half of the artisans who report working 30 hours or less feel their work hours are short. Almost all artisans (95%) say they would like to secure more work through Fundis.

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