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Kiva’s Impact Study for US Borrowers

A Kiva loan gave Renee the working capital she needed to take on her first major commercial contract for the City of New Orleans. Learn more about Kiva US's impact.

The content of this post comes from Kaylin Lang’s original post on Kivia’s website .

In 2022, 60 Decibels teamed up with Kiva US to conduct their first-ever independent impact assessment. Between April and May, 60dB conducted 502 phone surveys, speaking with both Kiva borrowers (80% of respondents) and Kiva applicants to assess Kiva’s impact. The sample demographics of respondents are representative of Kiva US borrowers: 63% Women, 38% Men; 42% Black, 16% Latino/Hispanic-American, 26% White, 9% Other.


of borrowers could not easily find a good alternative


Have no credit score or a score below 650


of borrowers are BIPOC

Some of the top findings of the survey include:

1. Kiva provides access to finance where others don’t. Only one in four respondents said that they could have easily found a good alternative to the Kiva loan

2. Kiva is a stepping stone for access to more capital. 52% of borrowers shared that they have been able to secure additional financing since receiving a Kiva loan, and 55% of borrowers attributed their Kiva loan to their ability to secure that financing.

3. Kiva loans create a virtuous cycle of improved business outlook, growth, and confidence. Seven in ten borrowers reported an improvement in their business confidence as a result of going through the Kiva process.

“Kiva allowed me to bridge the gap from being ‘new’ in the eyes of financiers to one that could have proven success and a track record. Now they can trust me with the proven track record of success.”

-US loan recipient

Kiva’s Impact: What Kiva is doing with these results

Kiva is using these results to shape their 2023 strategy. For example, they’re looking into how they can let borrowers choose their monthly repayment date, which is something that respondents shared would significantly reduce their repayment burden. They’re also exploring how to provide all of borrowers with technical assistance, should they want it. They are also looking to continue capitalizing on their borrowers’ positive experience with Kiva, and how to engage borrowers as Kiva ambassadors, among other things.

To read a blog detailing Kiva US’s full impact, click here. To check out the two page report, click below.

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