CDFI Impact Performance

Hear from CDFI borrowers to map the experience and impact of receiving a loan. Gain new insights on customer outcomes and challenges.

Product Features


Data directly from Loan Customers

Standard phone survey, using tested questions, to gather data on key dimensions of CDFI Impact. All data collection and analysis done by 60 Decibels.

Actionable insights

Provides actionable data on borrower profile, financial access and management, business outlook and borrower experience. Share the results to inform marketing and improve customer service and user experience.


Compare the impact of your loans to those of your peers and benchmarks in the sector. Use these peer insights to support product development and fundraising.

Talk to us about our CDFI Impact Performance survey if:

  • You’re a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) lender looking to understand the impact of your loans, compared to relevant sector benchmarks.
  • You provide technical assistance or business support tools and want to understand if and how they are helping small businesses to grow.
  • You are seeking more human stories and narratives around impact outcomes to complement your existing loan data.

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We help you understand your social performance by listening to your customers, suppliers, employees or beneficiaries.
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