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Building impact data by listening, live from SOCAP

Listen to Sasha Dichter, CEO and co-founder of 60 Decibels, chat about what 60 Decibels means, and how we provide unique data improving the social impact sector one survey at a time.

This podcast was originally produced by Good Future and John Treadgold in 2019

Sasha Dichter is co-founder of 60 Decibels, a company that was spun-out of Acumen a year ago, and which is laser focused on getting better impact data to inform impact outcomes. Impact measurement has been a core topic of debate for as long as impact investing has been around. But the one thing everybody can agree on is that impact measurement is difficult.

Dichter frames 60 Decibels’ mission of bringing new, important data to light through comparing different frames of impact. “Every singe SOCAP there will be a bunch of panels on impact measurement,” Dichter says, “By and large we talk about frameworks that help us organize things as opposed to getting data that helps us learn things.”

“60 Decibels is the volume of human conversation. We make it easy listen to the people who matter most by lifting up their voices in their own language, describing their own experiences. We turn those conversations into qualitative and quantitative data that is useful to the company.”

-Sasha Dichter, CEO of 60 Decibels

Good Future’s guest today is working hard to shorten the distance between investors, and the beneficiaries they’re working to help. He explains that they wanted to flip the approach, from simply requesting data from companies, and instead, to making a data offer to those companies. 60 Decibels uses mobile phones to speak directly to customers to find out what matters most to them. This is one of Treadgold’s SOCAP chats.

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