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Adriana Baqueiro Fuentes

Adriana is an Associate based in Los Cabos, Mexico. She is interested in the intersection between business strategies and design thinking to create a positive impact in society. Prior to joining 60 Decibels, Adriana worked as a project manager in the AEC sector. She holds an MBArch from IE university, where she amplified her passion […]
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Belén Cáceres

Belén is an Analyst at 60 Decibels. She is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Prior to joining 60 Decibels, she was part of the Policy team at The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment. Belén holds a MA in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies in the UK. In her free time, you […]
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Hellen Alvarado Neira

Hellen is an analyst in 60 Decibels, based in Barranquilla, Colombia. She is passionate about listening to and assisting vulnerable populations and has been a Red Cross youth volunteer since 2014. Prior to joining 60 Decibels, she worked as a research assistant for Duke University, understanding civilians’ perspectives on conflict violence. She worked as an […]
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Louis Tran Van Lieu

Louis is a Senior Associate based in Mexico City. He started his career in humanitarian emergency work, from New York City to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Louis always strives to innovate, this led him to work closer to entrepreneurs and to become a social impact consultant. He completed his Master’s degree in international law from the […]
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Mariana Martínez Tapia

Mariana is a Research Coordinator in projects of Latam. Prior to working at 60 Decibels, she was involved in social research: fieldwork, design, monitoring and evaluation of numerous projects in Mexico. She completed her undergraduate studies in Sociology at the Autonomous Metropolitan University-Xochimilco in Mexico, and a Masters in Environmental Management at the Pontificial Xavierian […]
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Regina Diaz Salgado

Regina Diaz is a Senior Research Coordinator at 60 Decibels. Based in Mexico City, she focuses in our Latam projects. Prior to 60 Decibels Regina worked as a consultant and researcher with NGOs focusing on migration and urban development. Regina holds a MA on Urban Public Policy and Governance and a BA in Political Sciences […]
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Carla Grados Villamar

Carla is based in the London office as part of the growth team. She is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship and the intersection of business and policy. Prior to joining 60 Decibels, Carla worked for +8 years supporting social enterprises, impact investors, corporates and governments on social impact, systems change and public private partnerships. She was […]
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Daniel Field

Daniel is an Associate with 60 Decibels. Prior to joining 60 Decibels, Daniel worked at the Customer Experience department at NaranjaX, an Argentinian fintech company, and as the Public Affairs Coordinator of TECHO, a Latin American NGO, focused on housing solutions at informal settlements. He holds a B.A. in Economics and has made postgraduate studies […]
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Isabela Nieto Castro

Isabela is an Analyst based in Mexico City. She is passionate about learning innovative ways to create more sustainable communities, socially and environmentally. Prior to joining 60 Decibels, Isabela worked as a political analyst at the Embassy of Mexico in the United Kingdom. She has also been involved in various projects aimed at tackling inequality, […]
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Mónica Restrepo Franco

Mónica is an Analyst at 60 Decibels based in Medellín, Colombia. She’s a passionate, resourceful and detail-oriented person. An enthusiast for social innovation initiatives and social enterprises that use the best practices of business to benefit society and the environment. Prior to joining 60 Decibels, Mónica worked as project manager and researcher at an NGO […]
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Ingrid Garcia

Ingrid is a Research Coordinator with the 60 Decibels LatAm Team, building on her prior experience as a Research Assistant since 2021. Before joining 60dB, she contributed to securities market supervision and financial education within public organizations. Ingrid holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Major University of San Andrés and is currently pursuing […]
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