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Sanjana Singh

Sanjana is a computer science engineering graduate (batch of 2022) from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women. Prior to 60 Decibels, she was at Bain & Co. as a Pricing Analyst where she worked on revenue growth and cost optimization projects. Thereafter, Sanjana underwent some military training experience as a cadet at Officers’ Training […]
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Kiran Bose

Kiran is a Research Associate based in 60 Decibels’ India office. Kiran has explored diverse thematic areas such as energy, health, and livelihoods while working with Sambodhi, worked towards improving digital financial inclusion with Sub-K IMPACT Solutions, and explored operational intricacies and team leadership with Brightchamps. She completed her MBA in Rural Management from Xavier […]
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Saipriya Salla

Saipriya is a Senior Associate based in the 60 Decibels Bengaluru office. Prior to joining 60 Decibels, she worked with an Aspen Institute program helping strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem, with a focus on climate & environment-related entrepreneurship and helping understand the role small businesses play in providing decent and dignified jobs to the vulnerable. Saipriya […]
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Vijaya Acharya

Vijaya is the Senior Software Engineer in the 60 Decibels Bengaluru office. She has 7+ years of experience in software engineering, with a specialization in backend engineering, and have multiple startup experience including Zoomcar and Zepto. When not coding, you can find Vijaya cooking something delicious and spicy, while listening to a wide variety of […]
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Rashi Kohli

Rashi is an Employee Experience Associate based in 60dB’s India office. Prior to 60dB, she worked in fintech as well as wellness space. Rashi has also worked as a psychologist, helping 80+ clients. In her free time, she loves working out, reading books, head-banging to Ozzy Osbourne, and meditating to Tibetan mantras. You will also […]
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Aayushi Kachalia

Aayushi Kachalia

Aayushi is a Senior Associate on 60 Decibels India team. Prior to joining the 60 dB team, she did her Bachelor’s in Economics along with a second major in Literature from Ashoka University where she worked extensively with development data. She has been a part of social impact research throughout her undergraduate education and undertaken […]
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Varsha Vadlamani

Varsha is an Associate based in 60 Decibels’ India office. Prior to 60 Decibels, Varsha worked as an analyst at Socion Advisors, a social development advisory firm that amplifies the impact of sustainable development projects at scale. She graduated from Ashoka University with a bachelor’s in Economics and International Relations. She enjoys the beach-side, is […]
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Tripti Singh

Tripti is the Head of the India Office. Before 60 Decibels, Tripti led the BI and strategy unit for an ed-tech social enterprise in Mumbai, and was an economic consultant with Analysis Group in Boston and Washington D.C. Tripti has an undergraduate degree (Economics and International Global Studies) and a master’s degree (International Economics and […]
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Srinidhi Balaji

Srinidhi is an Analyst based in 60 Decibels’ India office. She has a Master’s in Public Policy from National Law School of India University (NLSIU) and a Bachelor’s in Philosophy from Ashoka University, where she also completed concentrations in Economics and International Relations. During the course of her masters degree at NLSIU, she has performed […]
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Shivani Yadav

Shivani Yadav is a Research Coordinator based in 60 Decibels’ India office. Prior to this, she has worked on data driven projects which included real life case studies of amazon, uber etc. She holds a bachelors in Technology from IP university, Delhi. She is truly passionate about data and how it can help bring a […]
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Sharat Nair

I will be working as an analyst for the 60Decibels’ India office. Prior to working at 60Decibels, I was an operational risk analyst at Deloitte India, working out of their Chennai office, and primarily tasked with analyzing how companies were operating and was their room for improvement. I also just recently acquired my Master’s in […]
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Sankalp Samal

Sankalp is a Product Owner at 60 Decibels based out of Bengaluru, India. As part of the product team, Sankalp’s core focus lies on developing a deep understanding of the product users and iteratively innovate to build features they fall in love with. Sankalp started his career as a Technology Consultant with Deloitte, where he […]
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