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Turning Impact Measurement on its Head

Listen to an interview with Sasha and Tom about the best way to measure the impact of an enterprise or initiative.

What’s the best way to measure the impact of an enterprise or initiative?

To find out, take a look at this interview with 60 Decibels Co-Founders Sasha Dichter and Tom Adams. The article covers 60 Decibels’ model, challenges, and most importantly the benefits it offers to investors, companies, and end-users.

“If we can give you great data that actually helps you run your company better, and lets you know how you’re doing on creating that change… well, I don’t think there’s a social entrepreneur in the world who wouldn’t want to get their hands on that data.”

– Tom Adams

Among other topics, Sasha and Tom cover 60 Decibels’ origins in Acumen, launching as a spun-off social enterprise, and the pressing need for the social sector to find a better solution to impact measurement. 

Many entrepreneurs and investors still don’t have useful data about their impact, or a good idea of how to acquire it. There is still no commonly accepted approach to reporting and benchmarking and impact data, making it difficult to compare the effectiveness of different investments and business models.

To learn more about what Sasha and Tom have to say about impact measurement, read or listen to the interview below.

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