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FarMart 2023 Impact Measurement

Founded in 2015, FarMart is commited to building an ecosystem of solutions that forge a path for The Good Food Economy. Community drivers and farmers are at the core of their decision making.

60 Decibels conducted interviews with stakeholders of 23 ON India portfolio organizations to understand their profile, impact, and experience. Both reports (the App Retailers Study and the Market Linkage Study) summarize insights from interviews with retailers that FarMart serves. These retailers avail market access through FarMart’s procurement associates.

The insights are based on phone interviews with 200 retailers, conducted by 60 Decibels-trained researchers. Here’s what they found.

“Before, I was unable to tell the farmers basic information such as shop timings and stock information. But, after using this app I can send messages to many farmers. My customers and sales have increased, and I save a lot of my time.”

“I can easily contact farmers, send messages, and update my registers with the correct information. It is easy to add the products kept in the shop on the app which gets more farmers to come to me. Now, I do not have any problem in selling my products as my shop is advertised. ”

“Through the app, I can connect with a lot of farmers and easily sell my products. I have increased my sales with little effort. ”

“The company offers a slightly higher rate than the market, so I get some benefit. After I joined them, my business has increased, and I am able to connect with more farmers than before.”

FarMart Impact: Market Linkage key insights

74% are accessing a service like Farmart’s for the first time

The high percentage of retailers who are accessing a service like FarMart’s for the first time suggests that FarMart is reaching an underserved retailer base.

Net Promoter score of 34, on a -100 to 100 scale

The Net Promoter Score – a common gauge of customer satisfaction and loyalty – of 34 is good. Promoters love quick payment, while Detractors complain about poor crop prices

13% report challenges with FarMart

Challenges can encourage negative word-of-mouth and detract from positive impact. The top reported challenge is delayed payments.

Market Linkage report

FarMart Impact: App Retailers key insights

88% cannot find a good alternative to FarMart

The low availability of good alternatives suggests that FarMart has a strong market position.

90% say quality of life ‘very much improved’ or ‘slightly improved’

The top reported outcomes are: time savings, business growth, and increased income.

56% live in the bottom 60th of India’s population

FarMart is serving a slightly lower proportion of low-income retailers compared to the India national average.

App Retailers report

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