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Sasha Dichter

Business Fights Poverty Podcast with Sasha

“No one is mystified about what we need to measure.” Sasha explains: “But people are mystified about how we can measure this.” Learn more about how we measure impact at 60 Decibels in this podcast.

This podcast was originally produced by Business Fights Poverty in May 2020, right at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. You can find the page here.

Most impact data is collected during times of lockdown via the internet. This is massively limited. 40% of the global population is not online. 60 Decibel are experts in audio, phone surveys conducted in more than 35 countries. This means that they have access to insight from many of the currently unheard voices, often in emerging markets. What they are finding: people around the world, regardless of their location, are scared, which perhaps is unsurprising.

“What I didn’t expect” Says Sasha, “Is that the primary concern of 92% people talked with, is their or their family’s health, not economic issues. Whether this changes over time will be important to know.”

This podcast explores Sasha’s experience and expertise in social impact data.

“No one is mystified about what we need to measure.” He explains: “But people are mystified about how we can measure this.” Sasha and his founding team at 60 Decibels stepped into this gap. After a career spanning Booz Allen, IBM and GE Money before spending 12 years with patient capital investors Acumen – Sasha talks candidly about being a first time social entrepreneur and shares his advice on how to be successful….”Be wary of advice!”

“We want to make it easy for a socially oriented business to understand the lived experience of their customers.”

-Sasha Dichter, CEO of 60 Decibels


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