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Survey Enumerator – Remote Position

About 60 Decibels:

60 Decibels (60dB) is a global, tech-enabled impact measurement company that brings speed and repeatability to social impact measurement and customer insights. We provide genuine benchmarks of impact performance, enabling organizations to understand impact relative to peers and set performance targets. Learn about how we work here.

We collect this data through phone surveys conducted by our global research network: more than 1400+ Research Assistants across 80+ countries. Find out more about our community of Research Assistants here.

About the role:

As a Survey Enumerator (also referred to as Research Assistant) for 60 Decibels, your primary responsibility will be to conduct phone surveys with customers and/or beneficiaries of our client’s products and services (respondents). You will work closely with our Research Project Teams to ensure we deliver high-quality customer insights while abiding by all data integrity and governance protocols. 

This position is fully remote, and contracts are typically based on achieving daily completed survey targets.


  • Previous experience in data collection, conducting research, or working as an Enumerator in a market research company is highly preferred. 
  • Prior customer service and/or call center experience is desirable.
  • Prior social sector experience is a huge bonus.


  • Participate in project onboarding calls with the 60dB team to acquire an understanding of specific project contexts before reaching out to respondents.
  • Conduct phone surveys with customers and beneficiaries:
    • Ensure that you are interviewing the correct respondents as listed on your contact sheets
    • Clearly explain the survey objectives and procedures to the respondents addressing any questions/concerns they may have
    • Attain daily survey targets within specified timeframes and promptly report any obstacles to the project team
  • Enter the data received from phone surveys into the 60dB platform (in English) accurately, completely, consistently, and reliably – this data must be entered in the exact way that the respondent says it, not paraphrased or summarized.
  • Proactively communicate project progress updates and raise any queries or concerns with the 60dB team.
  • Review and address quality check feedback provided by your Project Team within the agreed timeline, providing regular status updates.
  • Uphold data privacy and integrity by strictly adhering to 60dB procedures, avoiding data falsification or recording inexistent/inaccurate data.


  • Strong organization and communication skills: you can independently manage tasks and collaborate seamlessly with the 60 Decibels Project Teams through email and Slack.
  • Relationship-building prowess: you demonstrate a knack for establishing rapport and building trust with respondents from diverse cultural backgrounds. 
  • Attention to detail: you’re meticulous and will ensure the accurate recording of respondents’ answers without any errors or omissions.
  • English skills: you’re capable of clear verbal and written communication in English, essential for all interactions with the 60dB team, and proficient in accurately translating respondent responses during data entry.
  • Work readiness: you have access to a stable phone, laptop, or computer, along with a reliable internet connection and a quiet work environment. 
  • Tech know-how: knowledge or proficiency in using data collection applications is a plus!

Recruitment Journey:

  • Please submit your application using this webform. It should take you around 15 minutes to submit.
  • Once shortlisted, you’ll undergo a mandatory, engaging online training course to become a certified 60 Decibels Survey Enumerator/Research Assistant. 
  • Upon completing the training, you’ll dive into the world of 60 Decibels, familiarizing yourself with our tools and as you embark on projects, we’ll guide you through project-specific onboarding activities.

Wondering why you should join 60dB as a Survey Enumerator?

  • Embark on a meaningful journey: join a global community of people who are committed to driving impact by listening to those who matter the most! It’s not just a job; it’s a journey of growth and impact.
  • Flexible short-term contracts: access opportunities that align with our project pipeline and fit your availability. 
  • Fair compensation: enjoy payment based on the hours worked or interviews completed, recognizing your valuable contribution. 
  • Remote Work: embrace the freedom of creating your ideal working environment. 

Location: This is a remote position, and while we hire Research Assistants globally, the application form indicates countries where we are ONLY proactively hiring or building pipelines. Please be sure to indicate the accurate country where you are based and list all the languages you fluently communicate in.

Note: We review applications on a rolling basis and strive to respond to all applications. Due to the high volume, response times may vary, and we appreciate your patience.

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