Why Off-Grid Energy Matters

A customer-led view of the off-grid energy sector's impact.




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Welcome to our first impact performance report! We conducted almost 35,000 interviews with customers served by 49 off-grid energy companies, spanning 17 countries from Haiti to India. These companies provide a range of off-grid energy products, including cookstoves and solar lanterns.

The global energy divide is severe: 860 million of the world’s population lack access to electricity. Energy features prominently in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, pointing to the importance of understanding the impact of off-grid energy companies on customers’ lives.

“I am very happy because my kids can now enjoy good lighting and can study without a problem.”

– Energy Company Customer

In our report, you’ll find our customer-led view of the impact of the off-grid energy sector, as well as the relative performance of the sub-sectors within it. Our data combines social performance indicators, customer feedback, and broader market insights. You can also take a look at our first-of-its-kind 60dB Impact Index which ranks each of the companies in terms of their impact across a range of impact indicators.

To learn more about our findings, click the link below to read the report.

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