MiracleFeet: the human impact of foot braces in Nigeria and Liberia

The majority of children receiving MiracleFeet treatment experience meaningful improvements in quality of life.


MiracleFeet is on a mission to eliminate life-long impairments caused by clubfoot in Lower-Middle Income Countries (LMICs). Clubfoot affects one in every 800 births around the world, with 90% of the 180,000 new cases each year found in LMICs. Untreated, clubfoot can cause physical impairments, limit participation in everyday life, and lead to social exclusion. MiracleFeet provides organizational, technical, and financial support to clinics and practitioners trained in the Ponseti Method, a nonsurgical treatment for clubfoot that involves a series of plaster casts and Foot Abduction Braces (FAB’s). The method has a 95% success rate and MiracleFeet has supported over 650 providers in 28 countries. Currently, MiracleFeet’s FAB, the MiracleFeet Brace, is provided for free.


of children who used the MiracleFeet brace experience improved quality of life


was the Net Promoter Score from families


NPS point improvement from the last 60 Decibels Lean Data study in 2019


Through a rigorous impact measurement surveying methodology and analysis of 200 Nigerian and Liberian parents and guardians, we found that the majority of children receiving MiracleFeet treatment experience meaningful improvements in quality of life. The increased quality of life is attributed to improvements in their child’s ability to move, stand, play, and forge positive relationships. For parents and guardians who seek out corrective treatment for clubfoot and use a MiracleFeet brace, the data and insights showcased in this impact report demonstrates that treatment can help children to avoid stigma and enable full social participation and inclusion for the vast majority of users.

“My child now is walking on his 2 legs; he walks normally and also plays around, too.”

– Father, Nigeria
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