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Listening to Omidyar Network’s Education Portfolio

Omidyar Network used Lean Data to gather feedback across their global education portfolio.


customers listened to




reported quality of life ‘very much improved’

In 2018, we partnered with Omidyar Network to collect customer feedback and impact data from 24 companies across Omidyar Network’s Education portfolio. Individual organisations received actionable feedback on what customers valued most, as well as potential areas for improvement to increase reach and impact. The data was then aggregated, allowing for trends across the portfolio to be tracked and analysed.

“Sometimes it happens that I am unable to solve an easy question. I feel shy asking the teacher such questions. But I can ask the Doubtnut app anything. Concepts that are not very clear to me become clear when I use the app.”

– Student, India

Companies were evaluated based on two broad set of metrics: education-specific metrics (including perceived quality, improved confidence) and cross-cutting impact metrics (perceived value of money, perceived scarcity). 7 of the 24 companies scored above average across the majority of core impact metrics, while 42% of paying customers rated the investee as ‘very good’ value for money.

To learn more about the results of the study, take a look at the report below. 

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