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KawiSafi Ventures Community Report 2021

Expectations in 2022 portray some cautious optimism, as economies continue to show resilience post-pandemic.

An Uneven Road to Recovery

The residential solar sector experienced uneven recovery across regions, with slow progress as policy and donors support mini-grid expansion. However, the commercial and industrial sectors saw greater competition with new entrants, a good sign, while e-mobility continues to attract interest and VC investment.

The impact of Covid-19 throughout 2021 saw the region dealing with containment measures and global supply and demand disruptions, which hit businesses and livelihoods hard

KawiSafi Report

60 Decibels data comprises the foundation for KawiSafi’s 2021 Community Report. In the following document, they feature a fund update, an impact case study, and what they are doing to reduce gender inequality in the energy sector. KawiSafi Ventures has worked with 60 Decibels (and previously, the Lean Data team at Acumen) as its impact monitoring and measurement partner since the inception of the Fund.

The report details KawiSafi’s expectations for 2022, portraying some cautious optimism as economies continue to show resilience in the post-pandemic era.

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