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Human Impact of the January 2022 Oil Spill in Peru

One of the biggest oil spills in Peru's history destroyed key coastal shoreline and ways of life for fisherman and merchants.


of those affected say their income decreased noticeably


are not confident that their business will recover

4 in 10

have not been compensated by Repsol

For the first time in Peru’s history, a successful lawsuit was brought against a transnational company for environmental damages. 60 Decibels worked with Sustainable Ocean Alliance and ConCiencia Marina, together with Social Solutions International, Inc. to uncover continued devastating health and economic impacts from the Repsol oil spill off the coast of Peru in January. Three of four respondents say they are struggling. 43% say their families’ health worsened due to the spill. 57% of respondents reduced their food intake since the spill – a clear sign of economic distress and a worrisome threat to community health. The spill was the worst ecological disaster to hit Peru in recent history, Repsol leaked more than 11,000 barrels of crude oil into the Pacific Ocean – impacting over 1,100 square kilometers of Peruvian coastline. Check out the two-page infographic here. Download the full report below.

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