Dignity in the Face of Disaster

60dB teamed up with multiple UN agencies to understand the efficacy of their aid in the Bangladeshi floods of 2020.

During October 2020, our team of local Bangladeshi researchers phoned just short of 1,000 recipients of the aid. We asked a range of questions, including how the floods adversely affected beneficiaries, the experience and impact of receiving aid, and requests for future assistance.

Our main takeaways:

-On one of the most commonplace determinants of customer satisfaction, the agencies perform extremely well.

-When asked to describe the impact of the interventions in their own words, more than four-fifths of beneficiaries reported that their quality of life had improved because of the aid they received (a similar percentage had also said that their lives had been severely and adversely affected by the floods).

-Over two-fifths of beneficiaries are living in extreme poverty (less than US$ 1.90 per person per day) and well over four-fifths are living in relative poverty (less than US$ 3.20 per person per day).

Read the story on Centre for Disaster Protection’s website.

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