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Pilot Study Opportunity for AgTech solutions

We're inviting companies providing digital solutions for farmers in India, Kenya, Nigeria, or Ethiopia to take part in a fully-funded study on how farmers use and value digital tools.

Please note that as of Jan 1st 2024 applications are considered on a rolling basis

Digital solutions have the potential to transform agriculture for the world’s 600 million smallholder farmers. With over 1000 digital agriculture solutions launched globally this market is estimated to be worth a staggering $10.7 billion.

In its early years, this ecosystem has relied largely on supply-side metrics like number of ‘providers’, ‘registered farmers’ or ‘app downloads’ to understand its scale, growth, and impact. To reach scale, digital innovators will require complementary demand-side data from farmers—the ultimate users and beneficiaries of their services. 

60 Decibels has been developing an approach to address this demand-side data opportunity. Between 2022 and 2025, 60 Decibels is developing and refining a farmer-focused, lean, and replicable methodology for generating population level insights on Digital Farmer Services (DFS). As part of this work, we’ve developed a method to measure the value of digital agricultural solutions for farmers. We’re inviting companies providing agtech solutions in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ethiopia to participate in our fully-funded pilot studies, thanks to support from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Busara. These studies will reveal how farmers use and value digital tools for farming.

Why participate?

Companies selected to take part will also be able to use their survey insights to 

  • inform business development decisions
  • learn more about their customers
  • maximize the impact they generate

Who should apply?

  • service providers delivering digital agricultural or agtech solutions to farmers, either directly or through a digitized intermediary (e.g. agent) to farmers in Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and India 
  • service providers with a database of at least 750 farmers 
  • service providers that are willing to share MIS data and phone numbers for farmers they work with
  • service providers willing to participate in the study over Q1 2024
Impact study applications are open now for agtech solutions in Ethiopia, India, Kenya and Nigeria

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