60dB Top Impact Awards, Explained

All questions 60dB Top Impact Awards answered; what are they? Why do they exist? Which organizations have been celebrated so far?

We’ve completed thousands of impact measurement projects globally, across a variety of sectors including financial inclusion, off-grid energy, and agriculture. By asking standardized questions to end-users across the board, we are able to provide genuine benchmarks on impact performance and enable organizations to understand impact relative to peers. As a natural next step, we wanted to acknowledge and celebrate all those achieving a top score for their social performance within our Benchmarks.

What are the 60dB Top Impact Awards?

The 60 Decibels Top Impact Awards exist to publicly recognize the organizations generating the most impact within their sector. They serve as a way to highlight the organizations whose product or service are top ranked across different impact metrics according to end-users themselves. This in turn creates a ‘north star’ to inspire others in the sector and guide thinking for performance targets and improved organizational efficiency.

Top Impact Awards: the story so far

2024 Energy Impact Index

We just announced the Top Impact Award winners (and runners-up) of the 2024 Energy Impact Index – a customer-centric compilation of data based on the experiences of 79,000+ individuals, who are customers of 140+ different energy organizations in over 30 different countries. The organizations ranked top across three areas in the Index: Impact, Customer Experience, and Access. 

Check out more information on how the awards were calculated, as well as all the winners and runners-up, here.

The 2023 Microfinance Index

Last year, we recognized the Top Impact Award winners of the 2023 MFI Index – the world’s largest financial inclusion index grounded in customer voice.  Out of the 114 organizations surveyed in 32 different countries, we celebrated the financial service providers (FSPs) that ranked in the top 3 for their region across all six categories in the Index: Access, Business Impact, Household Impact, Client Protection, Resilience and Agency.

You can find out more about the awards criteria for the 2023 MFI Index, and view the full list of winners here.

Congratulations again to all the organizations who have won one of our awards – it is a testament to the impact they have generated for underserved communities within their sector, and the hard work of each and every team. We can’t wait to see this list grow!

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