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2022 Microfinance Index Top Performers

Ranked across 18 different indicators, these MFIs are the top performers in the 60 Decibels 2022 Microfinance Index.

2022 MFI Index Top Performers

We’re excited to celebrate the Top Performers of the 60 Decibels 2022 MFI Index – the world’s first financial inclusion index grounded in customer voice.

Find out more about the 2022 MFI Index.

Out of the 72 institutions surveyed in 41 different countries, these MFIs ranked the highest across all categories in the Index: Access, Business Impact, Household Impact, Client Protection and Resilience. 

Microfinance plays a crucial role in promoting financial inclusion and reducing poverty, and these MFIs have demonstrated exceptional performance in delivering financial services and making a positive impact on the lives of their clients.

Introducing the 2022 MFI Index Top Performers

Top Performers Global

  • Accion Microfinance Bank
  • ACEP Burkina Faso 
  • Advans Côte d’Ivoire
  • Advans Nigeria 
  • BRAC Liberia
  • BRAC Tanzania 
  • ECLOF Kenya
  • Grooming People for Better Livelihoods
  • LAPO Sierra Leone
  • Juhudi Kilimo
  • Top Performers Africa

  • BRAC Liberia
  • LAPO Sierra Leone
  • ECLOF Kenya
  • Top Performers Asia

  • Annapurna
  • Cashpor
  • ECLOF Sri Lanka
  • Top Performers LATAM

  • Financiera Fama
  • Friendship Bridge
  • Pro Mujer Nicaragua
  • Top Performers Selection Criteria 

    We identified the top performing Microfinance Institutions using the following calculations. Each MFI got a score on each of the 18 indicators included in the Index. This score was based on the MFI’s score—based on the responses from a representative sample of their customers—and comparing that MFI score to the minimum and maximum values for all participants in the MFI Index. Each indicator score is then grouped within one of five dimensions. Indicator scores within each dimension are averaged, with equal weighting, within the dimension. These dimension scores are then averaged to give an overall Index Score. The Index Scores are used for ranking to identify top performers.

    60 Decibels did not select the institutions to participate in the Index, their participation was voluntary and sponsored by their investors or by the MFIs themselves.

    What is the 60 Decibels Microfinance Index?

    The 60 Decibels Microfinance Index is a benchmarking tool that measures the social performance of MFIs around the world. It evaluates MFIs based on five categories: access, business impact, household impact, client protection, and resilience. The Index also surveys MFI clients to understand their experience with accessing financial services and the impact it has had on their lives.

    Benchmarking microfinance institutions helps identify and promote best practices in the industry. By measuring the social performance of MFIs, we can better understand how they are serving their clients and make informed decisions about where to invest resources. 

    The 2023 Microfinance Index Report

    The 2023 Microfinance Index Report will be released in early summer, surveying over 100 MFIs around the world to provide wider coverage and deeper insights into their comparative social performance. The insights generated from the Index will help MFIs to better serve their clients and make a positive impact on their lives.

    Stay tuned for the 2023 Top Performers who will be announced in June 2023!

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    Disclaimer: 2022 60 Decibels performance rankings are based on the 2022 60 Decibels Microfinance Index. Ranking determined based on companies evaluated in Africa, Asia, Latin America and globally. For more information, visit 60 Decibels is a registered trademark of 60 Decibels, Inc.

    Find out about the 2023 MFI Index
    Find out about the 2023 MFI Index

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