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Uses & Impacts of Solar Water Pumps

This report explores the benefits and potential challenges experienced by solar water pump customers in East Africa, Senegal and Zambia based on findings by the 60 Decibels team.

Originally published on Efficiency for Access

Efficiency for Access and 60 Decibels published the first iteration of this report in May 2019. Since then, we followed up with a majority of the initial 375 respondents and contacted an additional 818 customers in Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia through baseline and follow up interviews.

This analysis examines the differences between the data collected before 2020 for the first report and the data collected since January 2020 to provide more insight into any changes. The study provides compelling evidence on SWPs’ contribution to economic growth and improved livelihoods. However, users also reported challenges with the technology, including a need for wider inclusivity, improved affordability and the need for design solutions.

The customers interviewed for this report purchased their SWPs as part of the Global LEAP Results-based Financing facility.

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