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Catalyzing Mozambique’s Off-Grid Energy Market: Looking at the SNV BRILHO Program

60 Decibels studied 985 off-grid customers in Mozambique to understand the impact of SNV BRILHO's efforts to increase energy access for all.

SNV BRILHO is a part of a five-year program aiming to transform Mozambique’s off-grid energy market, working to provide clean and affordable energy solutions to the country’s off-grid population. BRILHO’s overall goal is to improve and increase energy access for people and businesses, leading to money saving, better well-being and livelihood opportunities for the low income population.

In 2023, 60 Decibels interviewed 985 customers of 15 SNV BRILHO program portfolio companies to understand the impact, and progress, of this important initiative.


accessed a clean energy solution for the first time


report that their energy product or service has improved their quality of life


Net Promoter Score

Top Insights from the SNV BRILHO Program

  1. Companies are providing products or services that most customers did not have access to before. 

85% of customers did not have access to a clean cooking product or service before accessing the product or service through SNV BRILHO portfolio companies. 12 out of 15 companies have excellent First Access scores; above the 60 Decibels Energy Benchmarks. 70% of customers could not easily find a good alternative to their product or service. 

2. The average portfolio Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 71 is very good. 

The average NPS across the SNV BRILHO portfolio companies we worked with, is higher than the 60 Decibels Energy Benchmark (71 vs 46). NPS for all 15 companies are above the 60 Decibels Benchmark of 46, with Company 7 leading the group with an NPS of 84. 

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3. Companies have contributed to improved quality of life for their customers. 

Impact performance is strong across the SNV BRILHO portfolio companies, in particular for quality of life. 93% of customers say their energy product or service has improved their quality of life; it has significantly improved for 56% which is above the 60 Decibels Energy Benchmark of 47%. 

4. Companies have contributed to improved safety and security and reduced fuel spending for their customers.

9 in 10 customers say how safe they feel at home or at their business has improved and feel more secure about their assets because of SNV BRILHO’s portfolio companies’ products and services. A majority of customers attribute lower fuel spending to these products and services. 

5. Less than 1 in 5 customers have experienced a challenge using their product or service.

13% say this. Customer challenges affect impact and satisfaction. The NPS for customers with no challenges is significantly higher (76) than for these with unresolved challenges (20). This highlights the importance of customer service and issue resolution for positive impact. 

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