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Quona 2022 Impact Report

Powered by 60dB data, Quona incorporated Lean Data surveys of their investees into the fund's 2022 impact report that blends internal and external impact measurement.

Quona, a fintech fund marrying purpose with investment performance, was founded with a mission to make a more inclusive, more technology driven, and more impactful fund—investing in innovative financial technology companies pursuing profits with purpose in emerging markets. They are a leading fintech investor.

600 Million

Total of individuals receiving access to banking services in the last 8 years


account owners using digital payments in developing economies


account ownership gender gap in developing countries

The Quona 2022 Impact Report covers their fund overview, interviews with leading portfolio CEOs, and a deep dive into the internal and external impact assessments they conducted.

In the Quona 2022 Impact report, you’ll find:

  • The full integration of Impact Scorecards, which enables Quona to systematically assess impact performance and potential.
  • 2022 portfolio impact performance and lessons learned from Quona’s first-ever annual Portfolio Impact Review, which rates the impact performance of their portfolio companies in line with the “ABCs of Impact”
  • The results of 60 Decibels feedback projects with three companies (Klar, Khazna and majoo Indonesia) to better understand the impact that Quona’s portfolio companies are having on the lives of their customers
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How Quona Measures Impact

Every Quona investment is screened for financial inclusion, which they defines and measures along three core dimensions: access, quality and markets.

  • Access: Expanding access to financial services for previously underserved segments and market demographics.
  • Quality: Improving the quality of financial services as measured by affordability, product depth and breadth, convenience and efficiency.
  • Markets: Impacting markets for inclusive finance by creating a demonstration effect and building ecosystems conducive for innovation and investment.

Using data from each company’s Impact Scorecard, their Portfolio Impact Performance Framework provides a firm and fund-wide snapshot of impact performance in line with the “ABCs of Impact.”

From this foundation, they incorporate 60 Decibels impact surveys too dive deeper into the stakeholder voices—the people they’re trying to impact—and bring the results to life. In 2021, they piloted this with a few of their portfolio companies. In 2022, these results were valuable enough for the companies to cost-share these surveys with Quona.

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