Inclusive Energy Opportunity: fully funded impact measurement and customer insights for energy start-ups

The Inclusive Energy Opportunity was an initiative that provided 33 energy organizations with fully funded impact measurement studies in 2023.

Applications are now closed, but with 460+ applications to take part, we know there is huge demand for opportunities like this one. Please submit interest here if you’re interested in any future opportunities to expand this initiative.

In 2023, we were proud to announce the launch of the Inclusive Energy Opportunity – a new way to expand access to impact measurement and customer insights across the energy sector by providing fully funded surveys to underrepresented off-grid energy companies. Funded by UK Aid through the Transforming Energy Access programme, Good Energies, and DOEN Foundation, the project provided an opportunity for off-grid energy startups to access actionable and benchmarked impact insights through 60 Decibels Lean Data studies.


companies funded across 19 countries


applications to take part


of the 33 organizations are locally-owned

In order to be considered for a fully-funded survey, companies must provide energy products or services directly to end-users in developing markets, and meet at least one of the following criteria: be locally-owned, women-led, early stage, operating in nascent market(s), delivering nascent technologies. 

Companies will be able to use these high-quality independent insights to inform business development decisions, to maximize the impact they generate for customers, and to attract new investors.  

Insights from the Inclusive Energy Opportunity will form a part of 60 Decibels’ upcoming Why off-grid energy matters report (launch: 13th March 2024), delivering robust performance insights across 60 Decibels core indicators focusing on customer profile, experience, impact, satisfaction, and feedback.

“We want to build on all our work to date in understanding the impact of the off-grid energy sector from a customer perspective by better representing all the companies out there doing great work,” said Kat Harrison, Director at 60 Decibels. “Through listening to customer voices, we can help fuel sector-wide discussions, support partners to make informed decisions, and provide insights for the effective deployment of funding.”

“We’re excited to support 60 Decibels to provide their valuable service to partners who have not typically had access, to make the insights more representative of the wide variety of companies serving customers across the globe,” Jitske Harms of DOEN Foundation added. “Through this work, a potential pipeline of companies can be highlighted and hopefully lead to greater access to energy for underserved communities.”

As well as the report later in the year, 60 Decibels will keep our interactive Impact Benchmark dashboard updated regularly – providing sector wide access to the results. The dashboard provides data on aggregate sector, and sub-sector (product category), performance as well as showcasing the range and ranking of performance outcomes.

Oorja Development Solutions were one of 33 organizations selected

Oorja Development Solutions were selected as part of the Inclusive Energy Opportunity – they are a locally-owned energy company, selling solar water pumps in India.

93% of their customers said using their services has led to higher income for their families. They also shared that their lives have improved through convenience and effort reduction, timely irrigation and higher crop yield. Check out all the Oorja insights uncovered below.

Dig into the full report shared publicly by Oorja Development Solutions

Our plan is to expand this opportunity to include more funded projects in 2024, please get in touch here if you would like to be involved – either as a project company or a funder!

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