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We heard from 3,264 customers of 12 clean cooking companies to understand the impact of these technologies on their lives.






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The Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) commissioned 60 Decibels to conduct research on the impact of clean cooking products and services on customers. We spoke to 3,264 customers of 12 clean cooking companies, focusing on a select set of key performance indicators, including fuel spending, changes in cooking time, and value for money, among others.

Among other results, we found that companies are providing products or services that most customers did not have access to before, but that there is still room to reach more low-income customers. Our report also benchmarks companies’ performance with other clean cooking companies and off-grid energy companies. 

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“My life has improved because my new jiko saves me a lot of money because I am buying much less charcoal. I can use this money for my daughter’s school fees. Also, the cooking has much less smoke, which means I can cook from inside the house, unlike before.”

– Customer

As noted by Ronan Ferguson, Senior Manager at the Clean Cooking Alliance, “The clean cooking sector is extremely diverse in terms of technologies and service offerings to customers. This new research will enable CCA and our portfolio companies to identify best practices, despite them operating in different markets, or with different technologies.”

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