CARE International Aggregate Lean Data Report

This specialized lean impact study across Vietnam, Pakistan, and Peru measures core business themes and captures the impact of the CARE Women’s Entrepreneurship program.


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CARE International partnered with 60 Decibels and Mission Measurement – who represented Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth – to perform a study across Vietnam, Pakistan, and Peru to measure core business themes and capture the impact of the CARE Women’s Entrepreneurship program.

CARE Women’s Entrepreneurship programming aims to reduce barriers that women entrepreneurs face by offering a combination of services – both financial and non-financial – that are essential to creating sustainable growth and empowerment for women entrepreneurs.

This report presents aggregate results based on surveys conducted with clients in 3 different countries. By assessing performance across implementing countries, we can highlight variations that inspire conversations and spur learning between countries to drive deeper impact and satisfaction.

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Lean data study

“I now have more products. With the loan, I was able to stock my business and continue selling.”

– Female, 31 (Peru)

These aggregate results are intended to provide insight into broad impact trends based on country, product type, and gender, and we have noted significant differences throughout the report.

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