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A Simpler Way to Measure Impact

It’s All About Listening

In impact investing and beyond, we still struggle to get high-quality, useful data about social impact. Impact measurement, which could be the cornerstone of how we set goals and assess performance, can at times feel like a burden. How can we tackle this issue?

“If we do this right, we can shift impact measurement from a top-down compliance issue—a stick—and turn it into something that creates value for investors and enterprises alike—a carrot.”

– 60 Decibels White Paper

In response to this, we released a White Paper as a proposal for how to reboot impact measurement. It is grounded in perhaps the most uncomplicated activity of all: listening. In it, we share what we’ve learnt building Lean Data, an impact measurement approach developed by Acumen, the impact investing fund we spun out of. We believe that to revolutionise impact measurement, we need to turn the perception of impact data on its head: from cumbersome and expensive, to simple and valuable.

In the White Paper, we introduce the history of Lean Data, our 60 Decibels Impact Benchmarks, do a deep-dive into an agriculture case study, and much more.

To read it for yourself, click the link below.

Read the white paper
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